Halloween party ideas 2015
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Dear friends and visitors, welcome in my website !

My name is Georgios Efthymios Tsimatsidis, but for instance you may just call me George as all my colleagues in Fiji currently do

I'm a journalist with over a decade of experience as corporate communication specialist.

I also declare an active citizen, sensitive on local goverment issues. I am a blogger since 2005, an active YouTuber and I recently got certified as Social Media professional specialised in journalism.

Nevertheless, I am a simple everyday life person. With full interest on whatever happens  all around us, with ecological concerns, love for pets and my country Hellas. 
A filathletic spirit covers me. I cannot hide my yellow and black coloured feelings of worship to the doubleheaded eagle of the south. This is A.E.K. F.C. Athens, founded by the immigrants of Minor Asia. The people that carried all the historical memory to the motherland.

Via tsimatsidis.gr I declare my official presence in the internet. 

Throught my website, you will have the opportunity to surf, over a variety of sections and know me much more better.

In that website you can read about :
  • Full information about my professional life ...
  • Details about other activities of mine ...
  • Personal opinion posts and testimonials ...
  • Links for my social media profiles ...
  • Contact form and chat room ... 
I would like to thank you for reading these text  lines. Before I leave you keep on surfing my website, I would like to urge you find out more about my ambitious future professional personal branding, TSIMAcom Online Media Projects.

That's all and ... surf responsibly !

Stay tuned,


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